Using Lamp Shades and Lanterns as Decorations For Outdoor Parties

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Many people love to decorate for outdoor parties in a unique way. Whether you want to use unique lamp shades or you want to try using lanterns, you want to make sure that what you’re doing makes sense for whatever it is that you may be looking to do. Here are a few tips that you can use when decorating for an outdoor party with lanterns or lamp shades.

  • If you are using paper lanterns or lamp shades as part of décor for your backyard or a party, you want to match your colors to the walls, not the floor. Since your lanterns or lamps are above your guests’ heads, their eyes will go upward and notice how the colors coordinate with the walls.
  • The best use for paper lanterns is in an area that requires ambient, not bright, lighting. However, using lamps can be good if you need some brighter lights so that people can see when it starts to get darker outside. Choose your lighting wisely and you will be in a better position to figure everything out!
  • If you are using paper lanterns, make sure that you know how big or small that they are going to be. Lantern measurements are in terms of the lantern’s diameter when flat. The height of the lantern when opened is slightly less than that. Lamp shades are usually done in the diameter of the widest part of the lamp.

Lighting is a big part of whatever party that you want to hold, so make sure that you look around and find the options that are going to work the best for you and for your budget. Get creative and have fun when it comes to getting just what you need in the world of party lights.